Engineering: Industries, Courses and Salaries in South Africa

Engineering is a thriving industry in South Africa, making the country an ideal place in which to begin an engineering career. Here we provide an overview of different engineering fields,

How to Have More Fun in your Office Chair

Office chairs aren’t typically associated with entertainment. Instead they’re where many of us sit for eight or more hours a day in an office. However, some enterprising individuals have proved

Top 10 Most Lucrative Storage Auction Finds

If people rent storage units but then fail to return to reclaim their possessions, the unit contents may be auctioned off by the storage company. These types of auctions have

Car Maintenance Myths

There are several common misconceptions concerning car maintenance. As Mark Twain once wrote, it’s not the things you don’t know that get you, it’s the things you think you know

FHM Under Fire for “Rape” Comments made by Editor & Writer

Popular South African guy’s mag FHM (For Him Magazine) has come under fire for offensive Facebook posts and comments made by Max Bereshenkov, a features-editor and Montle Moorosi, a writer

What Determines my Medical Aid Premium?

Some medical aid policies come as “off-the-shelf” deals, with set premiums and coverage options. However, it’s more common that a medical aid company will calculate your premium, adjusting a base

The Supposedly Legless Beggar

This will by no means be a unique occurence but it goes to show that quite often not all is at it seems in these situations. Video taken in Houghton,

How to Treat Psoriasis with Natural Herbal Products

Unsightly, painful and particularly difficult to treat, psoriasis is a dogged, persistent disease that affects about 3 percent of the world’s population. Classified as a chronic, non contagious disorder –

Great White Shark Gets Head into Shark Diving Cage

This clip from Gansbaai in March 2013 shows that perhaps those bars could be spaced a little closer? Just an idea…

An Introduction to Figurative Art and Figurative Artists

Although figurative art typically refers to the artistic representation of the human figure, it is also an all-encompassing term for any form, style or genre of modern art that reflects