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Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve gets pinched as it passes through what’s known as the carpal tunnel, which runs from the forearm, through the wrist, to the palm of your hand. The nerve runs

Medicinal Herbs from around the World

Each part of the world has made its own contributions to the valuable medicinal herbs we know about today. Read on for details of some of the miraculous healing herbs native to each continent, along with the

Top South African Flavoured Waters

Flavoured waters are a popular alternative to regular soft drinks. In general, they contain less added sugar, flavour agents and harmful preservatives, making them better for our health. South Africa boasts several highly successful brands of flavoured

10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures

Worldwide, many medical procedures have become prohibitively expensive. This makes it especially important to have medical aid. Falling ill with a chronic condition makes not having at the very least a hospital plan a serious risk, to

Natural Remedies that Trump Conventional Treatments

People who have serious health problems will try everything they can to get healthy again. Most of the time, this means going the usual route of pharmaceutical medicines and possibly even surgery before turning to alternative methods

Medical Aid: Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

Choosing the right medical aid can be tricky. Too often, people fall into the trap of looking just at the size of a medical aid provider’s client base – but there are several other important factors to

South Africa’s Wonder Plants

South Africa is a natural wonderland that features a wide variety of eco-systems, climates and soil types. Plant life is consequently diverse and prolific and ranges from lush tropical vegetation, infinite expanses of grassland, bushveld and semi-desert

What Determines my Medical Aid Premium?

Some medical aid policies come as “off-the-shelf” deals, with set premiums and coverage options. However, it’s more common that a medical aid company will calculate your premium, adjusting a base rate in accordance with various factors. These

How to Treat Psoriasis with Natural Herbal Products

Unsightly, painful and particularly difficult to treat, psoriasis is a dogged, persistent disease that affects about 3 percent of the world’s population. Classified as a chronic, non contagious disorder – with the ability to kill if left