How to Customize your Office Space

The look and feel of your workplace contributes to the overall impression that your business makes on clients. In addition, office furniture and equipment help determine how comfortable employees are and how easily they can get their jobs done. So rather than simply buying office furniture and stationery off the shelf, consider using local custom suppliers who can meet your company’s unique needs and give your workplace a style all its own.

Solutions 4 Storage for shelving

office shelving units

Solutions 4 Storage specialises in creating and installing custom shelving units and cupboards, for both the home and office. Use the company’s carefully designed shelving to get the most out of your storage space. For example, have a shelving unit specially designed to fit into the corner of a room or along the empty wall of a corridor, to convert otherwise unused space into valuable storage space. The company’s 16 millimetre melamine wood finishes add style to its otherwise functional pieces of furniture.

K-Mark for office chairs

office chairs

K-Mark’s fully customisable, ergonomically designed office chairs can protect the health and wellbeing of your employees, enabling them to work as productively as possible. You can customize everything about a K-Mark office chair, from the depth and height of the seat, the height of the backrest and the type of wheel casters to its upholstery and the height of the arm rests. As well as standard office chairs, K-Mark provides elegant leather executive chairs. It also specialises in manufacturing seats for specific industries, such as draughtsman chairs, dental chairs and operator chairs.

Dejan for desks


Dejan provides stylish, high-quality, one-of-a-kind office furniture that’s customised to suit clients’ needs and preferences. With Dejan, work desks are tailor made to suit whatever equipment and hardware you work with, and include your choice of finish. All the company’s products are manufactured completely in-house – Dejan doesn’t outsource any work or purchase furniture from third parties.

Asset Print for stationery


Personalised office stationery provides a branding opportunity and is a valuable promotional tool. Asset Print’s technology makes it possible to display your brand’s name and logo just about anywhere, on letterheads, receipts, envelopes, cards, certificates and even pens and tie clips. If your business is still small or comparatively new, don’t assume that branded stationery is reserved for companies that are already well-established. Instead use it to establish yourself and ensure that your business makes an impression.

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