Top South African Flavoured Waters

Flavoured waters are a popular alternative to regular soft drinks. In general, they contain less added sugar, flavour agents and harmful preservatives, making them better for our health. South Africa boasts several highly successful brands of flavoured water products. Here we consider four of the most popular.


aquelle flavoured water

aQuellé makes both sparkling and still flavoured water. The name aQuellé comes from a parsing of two words – the Latin “aqua”, for water, and the Germanic word “Quelle”, meaning source. The company’s drinks are made using water sourced from another proudly South African brand, “Perfect Water”, which also supplies water to Ceres, Liqui-Fruit and Lipton Iced Tea. The aQuellé range of sparkling water flavours includes naartjie, litchi, strawberry, lemon, honey melon, marula, peach lite and youngberry lite. Recently pineapple flavour (a South African favourite) was reintroduced into the range. Flavoured still water is available in three flavours – apple, raspberry and orange.


buchu herbal water

BuchuLife’s sparkling herbal water may just be the healthiest option in South Africa. It’s completely free of added sugar, aspartame and colourants. The scientifically formulated drink boasts naturally occurring vitamins A, B and E, bioflavonoids (including quercetin, hesperidin, rutin, diosmin and diosphenol) and antioxidants. This is thanks to the special ingredient – the essential oil of the miracle herb buchu, which is a herb endemic to South Africa’s Western Cape.

BuchuLife’s sparkling herbal water is available in the natural flavour of the buchu plant, as well as cranberry, lime and blackcurrant variants. The pure spring water, sourced in the Franschhoek Valley, is only slightly carbonated, so it won’t sting your throat if you gulp it down.


chamonix woolworths flavoured water

Like BuchuLife, Charmonix gets its quality spring water from Franschhoek.  Far from polluted air and water contaminants, the water there is some of the purest in the country. The company’s three bottling and processing facilities supply the hospitality industry and a range of retailers. For example, all of Woolworths’ flavoured waters, both still and sparkling, are made with Charmonix water. They’re available in flavours such as, lemon, lemongrass and lime, naartjie, cranberry and cherry,.

Tsitsikamma Crystal

tsitsikamma crystal flavoured water

Tsitsikamma Crystal prides itself on its pure – rather than purified – water, which is sourced in the pristine Tsitsikamma Mountains. The water there travels through various layers of rock, which give it a unique and delicate flavour. High in flavour and low in kilojoules, the Tsitsikamma Crystal range includes a crisp, sparkling apple; juicy berry; refreshing lemon;  litchi; marula; naartjie; and summery pineapple.

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