6 Best Corporate Gifts to Give Your Employees

When it comes to corporate gifts, the days of branded ball point pens and baseball caps are over. Instead smart companies recognise gifts as a way to let employees and business partners know that they’re highly valued – and that this is key to creating happy, healthy and productive work relationships.

Modern corporate and employee gift ideas range from activity-oriented gifts and health and wellness perks, to elegant ergonomic office chairs and single malts from the misty northern climes. Check out six corporate gifts guaranteed to lift the spirits well into the new year and beyond!

Gym membership

It’s common knowledge that regular exercise translates into enhanced productivity. Dole out gym memberships to your hard-working staff and you’ll witness a surge in performance, with improvements in both work quantity and quality. Active people typically have greater mental agility, are more tolerant and have more energy.

Healthy catered lunches

Food fuels our bodies. Healthy catered lunches, served in-house, are an excellent way to enhance employee health and well-being. Well-balanced lunches will give your staff members the energy they need to get through the day and may even decrease the number of sick days they take.

Company shares

A smart move that will get workers fully invested in your company is to offer them a slice of the action in the form of company shares. Doing this can help you attract and retain highly skilled and qualified personnel. You can choose from a variety of employee share schemes.

Office chairs

Tailor-made office chairs

A comfortable work environment is key to success. High quality office chairs, custom built to your specifications, feature cool breathable fabrics, clean lines and adjustable seating and backrests for optimal lumbar support. You’ll find classic highbacks and minimalistic midbacks in a range of styles that will pamper your staff throughout the day.

Spa treatments

Spa treatments are both relaxing and revitalising. Spoil your employees with Swedish massage, hot body treatments or Reiki, all of which increase the body’s natural energy flow. Health benefits include reduced stress, improved blood circulation, relief from aches and pains and a strengthened immune system.

Single malt whiskey

Single malts are time-honoured corporate gifts, excellent for making top employees or business partners feel valued. Hand over a bottle or two of Bunnahabhain, Glenglassaugh or Laphroaig and you’ll definitely make a good impression.

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