How to Have More Fun in your Office Chair

Office chairs aren’t typically associated with entertainment. Instead they’re where many of us sit for eight or more hours a day in an office. However, some enterprising individuals have proved that office chairs can be used for more than just its intended purpose. Here are seven examples.

Office chair jumping

With a ramp made from easily found materials, this crafty office crew turned an office hallway into a high-speed fun zone. While some of the participants are clearly skilled in “getting air”, others are less so, crashing into doorways and sending themselves and their chairs flying. The most courageous, and perhaps, least safe, move is the quadruple-body jump finale.

Hallway office chair racing

These two speed-freaks have forgone racing with motor vehicles – office chairs are their choice for high-octane entertainment. Things could have gone a lot worse for both of them if just one of those doors had opened up mid-sprint.

Synchronized chair dance

This synchronized team of office dancers has the moves to pull off a great imitation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Although they remain seated for the duration of the dance, the seats’ wheels glide effortlessly as the would-be MJ pulls off some great slide-and-clap moves, just like in the original.

Leaf-blower chair spin

Who knew two completely unrelated objects could be combined to such awesome effect? This guy might have had a slightly less painful spin on his contraption if he’d secured the base. In the end, it’s his wayward leg that sends him, his chair and his leaf-blower crashing to the ground.

Boss’s chair prank

Although this may be funny, we don’t recommend that you try it out unless you really have it in for your boss. Although the boss in this example is rather portly, he certainly shouldn’t be breaking chairs simply by leaning back in them. If the pranksters carry on like this, he’s sure to catch on eventually, and may pursue his own brand of office-prank justice.

C02-powered office chairs

Here office chair entertainment is taken up a notch, with cannisters of C02 used to explosive effect.

58 mph office chair

This is probably the fastest an office chair has ever travelled, and for good reason – they’re built for mostly single-digit speeds. It’s a wonder that the Stig-styled racer didn’t hurt himself severely, but at least he had the sense to use some protection.

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